If it was not for Michele and her calm self, understanding of the issue I was dealing with, I would not have been able to correct a major flaw in myself and my trading. I said to myself “I don’t need any help. I can handle it myself.” But I was wrong. She figured out something that was staring me in the face. Her professional approach made me feel comfortable and relaxed. That was the key for me. She opened my eyes to the issue I had and I am grateful to her for that.

– Fred Scott
Poughkeepsie, NY


After completing several courses in trading, I was struggling in finding a strategy that would work for me. After several months of stress and frustration I contacted Michele out of a recommendation from a fellow trader and it was the best decision I made.

Michele helped me put together a trading plan with a strategy tailored to my personality. After putting the strategy to work, she also helped me work out internal thought processes that were blocking or hurting my trading. Thanks to Michele, today I have a trading plan with a proven strategy that I use without feeling stress or anxiety.

I highly recommend Michele to anyone who wants to improve their trading.

-Mariano W.


One of the most excellent program for the trader that knows that this game is mostly a mental game. Get that right and you are well on your way. Simple yet effective techniques, allow one to take action.The knowledge gained here will measurably impact your P&L. 

I had no idea how many things I was missing in my trading personality, how many things I didn’t know until I did this short but very high impact sessions. If only I had the courage to face up to my trading shortcomings many years ago, my trading life would have been so much easier. Michele’s delivery is tremendous and engages the attention from start to finish. Superb, thank you!

-Edward “Cash” McCall
Ventura, California